Jazzy is my adjectival name. A name I picked in March 2019 to reflect who I am and how I want to be noticed. I basically picked ‘Jazzy’ because I wanted to standout from a group of friends who used very popular and self reflective or otherwise expected adjectives to describe who they are (obviously that’s what adjectives do, lol!)

Jazzy for me, simply means LIVELY. I want to LIVE and share my love, laughter, lessons and legacy not forgetting my FAITH.

With this blog, I’m gonna be the realest girl you’ll ever know (okay, maybe I’m a little over the moon here)but hey, the idea is that I share my stories that you can relate to.

I will be writing mostly about my everyday encounters; intriguing ones, sad ones, positive vibes, travels, love life (wink wink) foooood! (yes please! If you get me a fine dish with wine, imma be your penpal- I miss the days when we wrote letters, although I’m just 20 something hahaaa…gotch ya! thought I was born in the 50’s huh??!)

Okey dokey! Let me not bore you. Point is, you are in for a treat regardless of the category. Something juicy every time (like lol!, I’m a girl and DRAMA is my calling)

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